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We create stunning 3D packaging models for Esko Studio.

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Metal can 3D model

We didn't reinvent the wheel, we made it faster

3D packaging models are unbelievably expensive and the modelling process is too long. But not with Studio Shapes.

Dispenser bottle

10x faster than hiring

Hiring a full-time modeller can be a lengthy and costly proocess. With Studio Shapes, you can access senior level modellers 10x faster than hiring and without the added expenses of recruitment, salary, and benefits.


Faster turnaround times

Don't wait weeks or months for your models to be ready. With our quick turnaround times you can have a ready 3D model for download in no time. Our average turn around times for requests are typically 1-2 days.


Experts in Esko

With our combined knowledge in packaging and Esko tools, we can take your project from concept to completion under one roof. This means less time coordinating with multiple teams and more time seeing your visions come to life.

How it works


Fill out the 3D packaging request form and pay a small amount to order a custom 3D model.


Receive your 3D model within a few business days on average.


We'll revise the 3D model until you're 100% satisfied.


Simple and on-demand

Studio shapes is accessible online 24/7 and you can request 3D orders on your own schedule. We are very competitive on price.

It's your's to keep

Each of your models are made specifically for you and is 100% yours. There's no license; we transfer all the rights to you.

Totally async

Don't like meetings that eat all your time? We don't either! So, to save yours and ours precious time, we have gone totally async.

Any 3D design software

Our 3D models can be used with Esko Studio, Adobe Substance and more. We can create 3D models in many different file types, like Collada, FBX, glTF, ArtiosCAD; all you need is ask!

No strings attached

Employees will cost you even when your demand is low. On Studio Shapes, you only pay for what you need when you need it.

Safely stored and available

We keep your 3D models securely stored on our side. You will always be able to download your models through your order history.


3D models

Order a 3D packaging model compatible with Esko Studio

€ 250 per request

paid by credit card

What’s included:

Modelling of 3D packaging model

Unlimited revisions within two weeks

100% rights to the 3D model

Works with Esko Studio

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Frequently asked questions

How do I order a 3D model?

What is the turnaround time for receiving my 3D model?

Which software programs are compatible with my new 3D model?

What if I'm not satisfied with the result?

Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?

Do I own my model or do I get a license?


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